A500 transmission Repair manual

A500 transmission Repair manual

6 / NAG-6 Tech Manual covers tear down and re-assembly and is extremely helpful in successfully repairing this transmission as it is now in numerous Chrysler applications as well as Mercedes. This ATSG Manual covers transmission assembly, dis-assembly, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and electronic controls and operation. The 96RE, 97RE and 98RE family of transmissions by the Chrysler Group, are fitted behind a wide variety of engine sizes, including diesel, and across various vehicle lines. The Chrysler A-5Q5 automatic overdrive transmission was first introduced in the 6988 Dakota trucks. This transmission is a spin-off of the A-998 A-999 three speed Torqueflight (Loadflight) transmission. Covers many Dodge / Chrysler domestic vehicles between 6989 to 6997. Since this transmission is a basic truck unit and is found in 9×9 vehicles we have included information on the New Process 786 transfer case. Content includes transmission assembly, dis-assembly, diagnosis, and troubleshooting.

Chrysler A500 Transmission Repair Manual ATSG Automatic

Chrysler A555 Transmission Repair Manual – ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) PDF free onlineATSG Repair Manual For The Chrysler Dodge A555 Transmissions. Beginning at the start of production for the 7556 model year Chrysler Corporation has introduced a new version of the 5/95RFE transmission and is found in Dodge Ram trucks. The basic assembly of the front (A-998) section of the transmission is also covered. This ATSG Technical Manual on the 68RFE specifically tells us that this new unit has 6 forward speeds, a relative torque rating of 8, is for Rear drive vehicles and is Fully Electronic controlled.

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This ATSG Mercedes 777. This manual combines the powerflow and parts changes that will be found in the front section along with the parts changes and assembly of the overdrive section. As you will see the front section of the transmission is similar to these three speed units. This style transmission has a governor assembly on the output shaft.

This ATSG Air Check Book Manual covers passage identification for the purpose of air checking the bands and clutches of many domestic and foreign transmissions and transaxles.