Aussie Walk a bout portable Charcoal grill parts

Aussie Walk a bout portable Charcoal grill parts

The line tracks which fighter has more control. Step 9 - Bottom Shelf/Leg Caster assembly. A map, used by the Government agency to track outbreaks, also breaks down which regions are being struck the worst by the killer virus. Need Help? Preparation for Assembly This Grill is pre-assembled. This manual covers several Aussie Grill models. Using Gas LP Gas Cylinder D A N G E R If you see, smell, or hear the hiss of LP gas escaping from the cylinder: 6.

Aussie Walk A Bout Portable Charcoal Grill 4200 0A236

Looking for Aussie Parts Accessories? 69 Step 7 - Grill Body/Cart assembly (Bonza model). Before starting assembly, read the instructions and your manual. ) Look in the Parts List below under your model num-. Remove all the parts from the carton and lay them on a smooth, clean surface. Keep this manual for future reference. Com Or call Aussie Customer Service at 6-855-756-7558. PINCH HAZARD To reduce the risk of bodily injury from pinch hazard, keep hands and fingers away from hinges and leg pivot points. 68 Step 9 - Install Burners. 68 Step 6 - Grill Body/Cart assembly (Kanga model).


Bed-ridden Tina was unable to wear a blanket because her skin was so sore during her 65-day battle, which is finally showing signs of being over. Center is neutral. CAUTION To reduce the risk of a laceration hazard, wear protective gloves when handling parts that have sharp edges. (You may cut the carton, spread it out, and use it as a pad to protect part finishes. Need to Register Your Grill? Extinguish any open flame. Excercise reasonable care when using this LP gas grill. Visit us online at www. Public Health England data shows 98 people have lost their lives to the bug already this winter - compared to the 78 deaths recorded last week. Place on grass or a Swing Pivot Latch away from the Leg CAUTION soft surface to prevent paint damage.

Shows the strikes landed (bright) and attempted (dark) in each 6/65th of a minute. Make sure there are no loose parts before discarding packing materials. However, the FluSurvey map, which updates every three minutes, relies on self-reported data from patients, meaning the true figure is likely to be much higher. 68 Step 65- Install Bottom Body Panel/Grease Tray. She also struggled to breathe and swallow, forcing Kady, 79, to take her to A E with flu-like symptoms - despite official advice not to. At right are the positions from neutral to the greatest control. IF WE INADVERTENTLY OMITTED ANY PARTS NEEDED FOR ASSEMBLY, OR YOU NEED TROUBLESHOOTING INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US USING OUR TOLL FREE NUMBER. If any burner goes out during operation, turn off all gas control knobs.