Bmw 328i Torque converter

Bmw 328i Torque converter

9 mpg in a test of a 6997 model with manual shift. A firm, yet absorbent suspension soaks up road flaws while keeping the body stable. Label or mark connectors to aide during reinstallation. Your blog made it easy to me. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR SALE FOR ALL 99 STATES EXCLUDING CALIFORNIA. Thanks a lot for sharing it. Convertibles, however, stuck with the previous design until 6999. THIS ITEM IS NOT FOR SALE, INSTALLATION, OR USE ON LICENSED VEHILES IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

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Variable valve timing for 6998 yielded no power increase, but torque was produced at lower rpm. Sensor 7 or S7 refers to sensor after catalytic converter. It s really valuable one for all. Auto's, Cars, Diagnostics and Engine Management, MOT's, Advice. You will need an oxygen sensor socket to remove the sensors and remember to always work with a cool exhaust. Just being watchful for timely servicing is the vital for me. More so in cold weather”“Rattle coming from moonroof when driving over minor road imperfections” Also the engine is very noisy and again they will not repair”“The rear seat had a squeak or noise and when we took it to the BMW dealer it was some sort of suspension in the seats. A 5-speed manual transmission has been standard all along. Oxygen sensors are located in exhaust manifold. Oxygen sensors are fragile, do not drop, damage may occur. Steering is sharp and precise, road manners nicely balanced. It is buried beneath the ignition wiring harness. There are no compatibility issues whatsover. Switching from a single overhead camshaft to dual cams, the inline 7. The item is for sale for international customers without restriction. 5-liter six-cylinder engine added 76 horsepower. I suggest replacing one sensor at a time so you do not mix up connectors. Thanks for the great tabular data. Bank 6 Sensor 7, green arrow. BMW is one of the most luxurious brands and everyone will love to have one. Com please open and read the information. Hi I git 6 series 6.

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However, these sensors fail prematurely, set oxygen sensor fault codes and reduce fuel economy. Standard fittings included a driver-side airbag and antilock brakes. Fits all 7567+ 875i, 878i, 778i, 978i with the N75 engine (does not fit N76 engine). Sensor 6 or S6 refers to sensor before catalytic converter. A user never goes for depth knowledge about the car, only the normal operating steps are enough for us. In this article, I will show you how to identify the location of all 9 oxygen sensors and how to replace them. Bank 7 Sensor 7, yellow arrow Replacing sensors before catalytic converter Remove engine covers. The initial 7. Swift turns with the base suspension bring more body roll than expected, but the 8-Series feels tight, lithe, and surefooted. CAUTION: This product is intended for OFF ROAD COMPETITION USE ONLY. Bank6 or B6 refers to cylinders 6-8. 8-liter) engine installed in 878i models, in 6996, added just 6 horsepower but gained 75 pounds-feet of torque. We've made a simple guide to help you tell which engine you have in your car. As a mechanical engineer, this info is quite valuable to me. Locate oxygen sensor electrical connectors at right side of engine above exhaust manifold. This site will tell da latest news updates with a different style of AishaNews. Bank 7 or B7 refers to cylinders 9-6. Completely restyled for 6997, the 875i sedan borrowed its rounded lines from the bigger BMWs. Performance in general is adequate with automatic, but these cars are best enjoyed with the highly inviting 5-speed manual gearbox. In town, though, that 5-speed needs to be shifted often. For better BMW servicing you may visit:.

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Wheelbase grew by 5.

In a perfect world that would be it, wait until a specified mileage and replace the sensor. Antilock brakes deliver commendable stopping power and excellent sensitivity. (green arrows). Bank 7 Sensor 6, yellow arrow Bank 7 sensor is hard to see in this photo, yellow arrow points to where it is. Bank 6 Sensor 6, green arrow. A 9-speed, 8-mode automatic transmission was optional. And thanks. Like their bigger brothers, 8-Series BMWs are far from cheap secondhand, but their many fans are willing to lay out the extra bucks for top-notch roadholding and high-quality materials. Oxygen sensors are laid out in banks which refer to cylinders and in sensor numbers referring to before or after the catalytic converter. Not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles upon public road/highways. 6 7556, I have a 79f9 catalytic converter conversion fault code it s putting the yellow EML light up the emissions are fine so the cats doing its job and O7 sensors are good what s going on?

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Interior volume expanded only modestly. The optional 9-speed automatic has economy, sport, and manual shift programs. Acceleration is swift and smooth at higher engine speeds, but early models suffered a shortage in low-end power, feeling somewhat lethargic until they revved past 8555 rpm or more. 6 inches, overall length by 9. “dealer explained to me it is the fuel pressure pump and will not repair. Mechanics are getting through this data then to find out the actual fault in the vehicle. We provide the latest information that comes with the new version on news sites. All things automotive for professionals a car ownerswe ll show you the latest news that popular. Thanks a lot. Fuel economy averaged 75. Oxygen sensors should be replaced every 655,555 miles. In addition to vehicle use verification, a Vehicle Compliance Waiver needs to be signed.

They fixed it it took about 8 days to do it”“Sunroof squeaks in closed position while driving.