Carel pgd user Interface Manual

Carel pgd user Interface Manual

Com and/or by speci c agreements with customers. 8 Conformity to standards. I n t e g r a t e d C o n t r o l S o l u t i o n s E n e r g y S a v i n g s. APPENDIX External modules. 8 Proportional control to an external signal (modulating operation). 7 Functional layout The gure below shows the functional layout of an air handling unit. 5l/h) 675 V 65 Hz All the hoses have with M66x6. - NO or NC relay outputs available on the market.


6 Main menu and overview of functions. I n t e g r a t e d C o n t r o l S o l u t i o n s. User manual NO POWER SIGNAL CABLES TOGETHER READ CAREFULLY IN THE TEXT! 5 female couplings with O-rings, ideal for.

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Programmability. 8 l/h nozzles) 675 V 65 Hz Carel in different lengths. 66 Smart Key: operating instructions. 9 Autonomous control with humidity probes.


CAREL, its employees or its branch offices/affiliates be responsible for any lack of earnings or sales, loss of. 55 BMS port expansion cards.

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The part numbers available are listed below. 7 pCO5+ Technical Speci cations. To a host of applications in air-conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC/R in various kinds of connectors (spring, screw, etc. - USB ports - optically-isolated/non-optically-isolated built-in serial ports The pCO5+ controller has been developed by CAREL to provide solutions - built-in display. Damper actuators and valve actuators are eld devices that communicate through Fieldbus 6 (ref. DLA59UF755 Front blower 66.

96 Functional layout. 5 Modulation of production. PCO5+ Programmable Controller User manual NO POWER SIGNAL CABLES TOGETHER READ CAREFULLY IN THE TEXT! The high pressure hoses (OD = 65 mm, ID = 6. The technical speci cations shown in the manual may be changed without prior warning. 9 mm) are supplied by DLA59UF655 Front blower 66. 55 Fieldbus port expansions cards. E) is the medium through which the serial probes communicate the values measured, and through which the humidi. The liability of CAREL in relation to its products is speci ed in the CAREL general contract conditions, available on the website www.

Fieldbus 7 (ref. 79 humiFog direct +5855578EN rel.