Firmware xscf default

Firmware xscf default

Power cycle the system by unplugging the server s power supplies, waiting several seconds and then plugging the power back in. Hello Kumar, How change password XSCF from solaris 65? The default user and password of ILOM is root/changeme, but if you hv changed the password already and due for some reason you forgot the password, here are the step by step to revocer the ILOM password. In fact no need to backup the config because there was a backup copy of XSCF configuration on Operator Panel, both XSCF and Operator Panel always synchronizing its data each time XSCF bootup or there was a changes on XSCF configuration. If an  ALOM password reset is required on a Sun Fire T6555 or  in case the password is lost or forgotten, the following steps can be taken to erase the ALOM NVRAM so that a user can gain access to it, set a new password and restore the NVRAM settings. Note: Access to the server s power cables and the ALOM serial port is required for this procedure. It will reboot around 7-8 times. You will see the messages of XSCF and OPNL synchronize its data during startup:

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I have one question why my solaris is stuck on xsfc? Gracias Thanks Grazie Hit Esc during the ALOM boot, before or at the point where the display says: The ALOM enters the ALOM boot escape menu. [Use proper ESD grounding technique and anti static mat, replace the XSCF board: # Plug all cables then power on server, wait till the new XSCF board startup. Okay, if you ready to replace the XSCF board, below are the instruction: [Shutdown the OS, Power off the server and unplug the power cord and XSCF ethernet cables. Please help me wich process im wrong?

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The NVRAM settings will also be reset to factory default. All customizations including the ALOM network settings will be erased and will need to be redefined. You should see the ALOM booting on the serial management console. Thats way there is a restriction to replace both XSCF and Operator Panel simultaneously. They presume the XSCF configuration need to backup first because there are only 6 XSCF board on M9555/M5555 server. I hv been asked by some people on how to backup XSCF configuration before replacing the XSCF board.

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While i wont it to be as root? The following choices will be displayed: To do an  ALOM password reset you must choose e to erase the NVRAM. You will automatically be logged in as the user admin with no password and no permissions.

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After erasing the NVRAM choose r to resume the ALOM boot.