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Flo And benjamin

I miss her so, but feel her presence in everything I do. From my work as an actress, presenter, broadcaster and parliamentarian, to the work I do for charity. We are still working hard on the site, so expect a lot of changes over the coming weeks and months. But it's not only a book it's also a 7, 75m long frieze that you can unfold and pin on your wall. I intend to show a few of these animals. And some of them are beautiful, amazingly weirds or even have strange abilities. It tells the story of the universe, from the Big Bang to nowadays with text from P. From the tiny shrub striving to grow to the hightest branches of the canopy, those trees are the house of not only birds but also amphibians and mamals.

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They all depend on the tropical trees to hunt, to pick food, to hide, to watch their surrounding, to socialize or to mate. I was commisioned by Found Studio to make a couple of concept images for a short animated spot. Most of the animals living in those places won't have time to adapt and will eventually disappear.

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I was commisioned by french publisher Fleurus to illustrate a book about space. Each month, in french kids magazine Astrapi, I illustrate things that looks like something else, that look weird or funny or just unusual in a section called Face à face. A beautiful woman whose legacy lives on and will do forever. Hello and welcome to my brand new, redesigned website, this is where you can find out everything you want to know about me.

Some sections of the site I highly recommend you take a look at are listed out below: It s over nine years since my beloved mother Marmie passed away. We all have heard of the Orangutan or the Sumatran tiger but there is a lot more.

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Sadly, she died from bowel cancer, that is why I have become a active patron ofHere I am with my statue which was commissioned by Exeter University when I stepped down as Chancellor after 65 years

Palm oil industry is destructing these forest at a crazy speed.