Kathi Movie i am waiting fight Theme music

Kathi Movie i am waiting fight Theme music

Some fun is generated as Pawan fools Varma and Sharma. How Abhikshit saves the company from evil cluteches of Seetharam and teaches him a lesson is the plot of Agnathavasi.

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Second half deals with flashback revealing the real identity of Abhikshit Bhargav. Sampatraj plays the investigative officer narrating the flashback. Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Keerthy Suresh, Anu Emmanuel, Khushbu, Bomman Irani, Murli Sharma, Rao RameshGovind Bhargav (Bomman), a business tycoon is killed and his wife Indrani (kushbu) has to lead his empire. Screenlay is ambiguous, with uneven sequence and is too predictable. The film has pretty similarities.

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Abhikshit zeroes in on Seetharam(Aadi pinnisetty) who is a board member of the company as the mastermind of the crime. He gets close to Suryakantam (Anu) and Sukumari(Keerthy) daughters of Varma and Sharma in the process of cracking the mystery. Abhikshit (Pawan Kalyan) who leads an anonymous live is called to sort out her problems. Abhikshit suspects that Varma (Rao Ramesh) and Sharma (Murli Sharma), the insiders of the company to be behind the coupe.

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Romancing both the heroines and the chartbuster 9 songs will be over by interval. First half is all about how Pawan and his gang Tanikella bharani(Uncle), Srinivas Reddy and others tricking to get him into the company. It has been alleged that Agnathavasi storyline is lifted from French film Largo Winch, The Heir Apparent.

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Of course, Vennela Kishore plays Brahmanandam kind of Bakra role here. Abhikshit joins as an employee into the company by crook.