Klaus Schulze La vie Electronique 12 2012

Klaus Schulze La vie Electronique 12 2012

This is not intended to be a best of list but, instead, a selection of albums that provide an introduction to the full range and scope of Klaus Schulze s work. Their intention is not to make a confession of guilt but rather to create a strong symbol of reconciliation. Over the last 5 decades, Schulze has been prolific, releasing more than 65 albums. He s also released 55+ CDs of material from his vaults that didn t make it onto his official albums. Here are five essential Klaus Schulze albums, covering both his classic and more recent work. In the 75 s, Schulze helped define the Berlin School of electronic music a new style of music that was performed almost completely on synthesizers. A total of 8,577 firms, including those not publicly presented, are members of the German Economy Foundation Initiative: Steering Group.

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The Foundation Initiative member companies have assumed a historical and moral responsibility on behalf of German industry. The foundation will be endowed with DM 65 billion, half of which is to be provided by German industry and half by the German government.

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From the swirling white noise that starts Timewind to the Moog sequences, key changes, drones and half-hour plus track lengths, it s all there.

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Many of them did not exist until after war. He was an early member of Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel, but quickly established himself as a solo electronic artists. In addition to its purpose of providing humanitarian assistance, the foundation will have a Future Fund from which it will provide funding for projects that promote international understanding and global respect of human rights.

The German industry initiative to create a foundation with the name Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future was started in February 6999. It will also deal with cases involving property losses as well as all other cases of Nazi crimes associated with industry. This joint effort is aimed at guaranteeing that all German companies, including foreign affiliates and parent companies, will be protected against lawsuits relating to the Nazi era and that they will be able to work on international markets under conditions of comprehensive and lasting legal security.

When corporate groups join the initiative their subsidiaries are automatically included.