Peranakan beadwork My Heritage by Bebe seet

Peranakan beadwork My Heritage by Bebe seet

The airwell is used for collecting rain water and sunning preserved foods like belachan achar. The museum boasts a wonderful collection of animals, mainly from South East Asia, which includes the fantastic collection from the old Raffles Museum and Library. Contrary to the stereotype of it being “boring”, museums are more than just historic artefacts and school excursions. Here is a selection of 66 fascinating museums in Singapore that might pique your interests! They speak Peranakan patois, a charming blend of Hokkien and Malay. Since then, it has charmed visitors with its inviting decor and authentic Peranakan delicacies. True Blue Cuisine was opened in November 7558 in the heart of the Peranakan enclave - Katong. With more than 85 different museums offering a diverse range of genres in Singapore, you will definitely be able to find a museum that will interest you!

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)Feel the nostalgia through True Blue's private collection of pictures and antiques. Hear the way Peranakans speak (They do not have a Chinese accent and are fluent in the Malay language. See the lifestyle of the Peranakans (The chim chae area or airwell is a very important feature of a Peranakan home. Stepping into the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is like stepping into Jurassic Park.

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One step into the museum and it feels like you re in a jungle, punctuated by an occasional roar of a dinosaur! Taste the best authentic traditional Peranakan food. Discover more about the animals that once lived here in Singapore and you would be surprised at the diversity of animals that once called our tiny little island home. More than just a restaurant, it also brings to life an all-round experience of the rich Peranakan culture.

In 7558 True Blue Cuisine moved to its brand new premises in Armenian Street, just beside the Peranakan Museum, complimenting the museum and providing an even more complete feast for the senses. Paris, Santorini, Mykonos, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore, Bali, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Tokyo, NYC, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Cancun, Tulum It's a living heritage, says True Blue Cuisines owner and chef, Benjamin Seck. Is it one of those many days where the weather is way too warm to stay outdoors but yet the malls are too packed for your liking?

We believe that the best way to round up your Peranakan experience is to dine in our Restaurant where our culture comes alive.