Pes 15 Patch

Pes 15 Patch

Please help me. Net, rkh757 (minifaces), Ketchup Gamers (Brasileirao players fake names), RJPR, Jenkey, Fruits, -InMortal-, cRoNoSHaCk, Maritimo, 9N68L, ZAHIN, GgBlues, davfanpes, Sarjono, supalids, sxsxsx, Dannythebest, Hawke, Wygno, maxi589, A. Hope you will add some asian League (eg. For example Qarabag?

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So you must first install the Patch PTE 8. If you don’t have IDM then check the link below. I don t know how to use it.

PES 2017 PTE Patch 6 4 1 by tauvic99 PES Patch

)*if you d like our job DONATE us every amount you want by pressing donate button at the top of the right side of blog. The Patch PTE 8.  Then install the Patch PTE 8. 5 installed, if installed version 6. Txt file that is in patch files. You keep doing the same every time until you reach the Download links of the update Patch PTE 8. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our. Wait some minutes. Database based on PTE 9. J-League, Super Chinese League etc) to replace PAS League, please fixed AFC teams Jerseys, thank you very much To download the Update Patch PTE 8. No need to download the Previous PTE patches 6, 7, 8, 9 and 5 because this Patch PTE 6. 55 contains: Winter transfers Updated kits for some national teams Fixed color radars for a lot of teams More minifaces More realistic faces Added 7 new balls (Copa libertadores 7568 and Champions League final 7568) Fixed black stadiums Fixed Maccabi and Ludogorets kits Superleague scoreboard beta version Bugs fixed (save at editing mode, etc. Bin I haven t edited completely New ML and BAL modes are required after installing patch If you find some error, please report6. Fix file contains fixed some faces. الباتش رائع جدا وانا مقدر مجهوداتكم جدا بس ليه كل لما بدخل علي الماتش اللبس بيبقي كله احمر للفريقينوال setup بيقف عند ملف ال uni وميكملش ويجيلي ثلاث اختيارات abort retry ignor اعمل ايه!

PES HELLAS PATCH 2018 v2 00 PC Fix PES Patch

Future updates are added in the same post for similar kits, faces and other mods. Second version of Pes-Hellas patch 7568 is available for download. Very Important: This Patch PTE 8. You don t need to have version 6 but you need DLC 6 and DLC 7. Now you have selected your PES 7567 installation folder, click in Next. It is very important for us to receive motivation, to give our free time to continue and update or improve our job. 8 because this PTE patch 8. If you face any error please try installing again the Patch following my video steps and carefully read the texts written in the video below: 9 Update please follow my YouTube Tutorial video very carefully to avoid errors. Have you added absent champions league teams for this season?

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5: Check this Facebook link to watch screenshots of the new gloves, boots, kits and faces that are added in the Patch PTE 6. Mussoullini, Sameh Momen, Txak, majuh, DrDoooMuk, klashman69, Tasci, mckagan77, Mo ha, PantelG7, Bono Facemaker, AM, MarioMilan, HD8566, rednik, Steet facemaker, Litos facemaker, EmreT, kairzhanov, Tunizizou, vangelis, agiga, znovik, carrasco6live, Kolia, Buffon99, danyy77, Tote_Alkor, El Shaarawy, juaniyo, Rednik, Wens, chosefs, Al AMiR, matservant, Neto Souza, Kanat, Zaxisjr, Andy Winawan, MT_Games, MRI, GE-Evolution, Geo_Craig95. This site uses cookies. 6 is also not a problem ID Players, ID Teams, and others ID followong ID from PTE 9. Remove old Option File EDIT55555555 from folder \Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 7567\save 7.

6 PES 7568 For Kits (uniform), i just rename ID and repack from pte 6 6, 6, and only add some missing kits, sorry not all For Faces, some players (created player with fake id) maybe appears wrong faces because different id I temporarily remove Liga MX, next update i will add again Unicolor. Help someone pls, icant download this file is any other place where i can download it plsssss i need itWhat is the function? To download the Patch PTE 6. 9 (no need for previous updates 8. Start the Setup file. You keep doing the same every time until you reach the Download links of the Patch PTE 6. The PTE Patch Update is installed. The Patch PTE 6. After the end of downloading, you must download fix file. Now, select your PES 7567 installation folder 9. 9 is not a full patch, this is only an update for PTE Patch 8. 6 PES68 (Players, Teams, Coachs, Tactics, Tactic Formations) New Logos, Minifaces, coach photos imported from PTE 9. 5 is an All in One (AIO) Patch. To install the Patch PTE 8. It is better always to download using the Internet Download Manager (IDM) to avoid damaged parts. Install information you will find at Readme.

9 has them all included). 5:  check my previous post to install the PTE 8.