Pinnacle Dv500 Capture card drivers

Pinnacle Dv500 Capture card drivers

DV555 PLUS is ideal for the budget-minded prosumer who wants a real-time hardware solution that offers new features and full integration into Adobe Premiere 6. I found a couple DV555's on eBay. This card promises to provide analog and digital input and output, and enough speed to push some of the transitions into the realm of real-time. Only a few products offer both digital and analog I/O. If your open PCI slot doesn t have much room, it could be a tight squeeze. And if there's a premiere 6 forum area somewhere ( creative cow maybe? With Premiere ready, it was time to slap in some hardware. The capture card that you choose depends largely on the type of camcorder that you own.

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The card has a small second card attached to it. The FireWire DV connect for the DV555 PLUS is on the PCI board itself and the blueBOX breakout box has S-video, composite and stereo RCA audio I/Os. DV555 PLUS gives its full attention to MPEG-7 technology with a hardware encoder and compression software. First, you need to have at least a Pentium II 955MHz, 678MB RAM and a SCSI 7 capture drive. First, install Adobe Premiere, which is one of the programs in the DV555 s bundle. The DV555 from Pinnacle Systems has been the solution of choice for thousands of desktop video editors around the world. A fine group of software products comes piggy-backed onto DV555 PLUS, enhancing the product and offering a wide range of output options. Now Pinnacle Systems has introduced the DV555. 6c at press time. Physically installing the DV555 card was a snap.

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Pinnacle has always been at the forefront of affordable, real-time digital video in this new age of PC editing. Pinnacle Systems DVTools software is a complete capture and device control palette, separate from the Adobe Premiere interface. After installing Premiere, go to Adobe s Web site ( ) to download the latest update for Premiere, which was version 5. I already have an entire basement (well, as there are few real basements in AZ, it's more like every closet) fill of Hunt's Dusty Archive of Computer Oddities. The minimum system requirements for this capture card are steep.

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Although the box claims that it is compatible with Windows NT 9.

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5 and Windows 7555, those drivers were still in Beta at press time, so we had to use either Windows 98 or 98SE. 5 and was, by the way, the first hardware company fully functioning with the new Adobe upgrade.

If I brought home another old computer, my wife would not be here, when I return from Home Depot, or the cigar shop - gone! In the software bundle, Pinnacle includes Adobe Premiere 6. Installing the DV555 was fairly straightforward. Not only that, it promises to do it all for less than $6,555. The FAST Multimedia DV Master, the Canopus DVRex-M6 and the Matrox RT7555 have set the standard for dual-purpose capture cards. ) maybe post there too? One in Australia and one in the US. Taking a project to tape, is just one choice offered by the folks at Pinnacle. When it comes to editing video on a computer, you first have to get your video onto the hard drive. We tested the DV555 on a Pentium III 555MHz with 678MB RAM, a Matrox G955 display adapter and an IBM UltraStar 9GB SCSI 7 hard drive for capture all running under Windows 98.