Prismaflex Manuale italiano

Prismaflex Manuale italiano

The NavPad navigation controller has been designed from recent research in cognitive ergonomics and with strong influence from end-users the result is a straightforward and intuitive navigation model. Its modern and innovative look recognized by staff and patients makes the treatment room a more pleasant environment. Thanks to the NavPad navigation controller, user-friendliness of the. Only five buttons to master the entire system The touch-screen and advanced graphical interface place the user in control through simple, logical and effective operations. With a pure line design characterized by clean and round shapes, Artis dialysis system adapts nicely to a dialysis clinic environment and presents itself rather than invades a space. • The Prismaflex® System user interface is designed to be highly user-friendly. Are you sure you want to continue? The large touch-screen presents clear information and displays excellent reading even from a.

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It is all presented with self-explicit pictograms making the navigation easy to learn. Artis dialysis system - Advanced simplicity Redefining hemodialysis deliveryMaking life in the dialysis clinic As pioneer and leading innovator in dialysis therapy we present products and services that bring new ways to raise treatment quality, staff satisfaction and operational efficiency. This action might not be possible to undo. Optimal user postures have been considered. • The Prismaflex safety system is proactive, offering automatic bar-code identification of the filter set and customized default safety values• A specific temporary disconnection procedure is available to accommodate the need for patients in Intensive Care to be moved frequently.

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Patients will benefit significantly from more therapeutic flexibility and improved clinical outcome if treatments are easier to deliver. • Step-by-step instructions on screen make setup easy, as each step is accompanied by an illustration with color codes that match the color-coding of the hemofilter set. • The Prismaflex system will automatically load all pump segments and the circuit will be automatically primed quickly and completely. The contemporary design also abides by functional requirements. Finding information is fast and easy with a NavPad navigation controller that gives direct access to five main working environments.

It combines vivid colors and clear graphics on a large 67-inch touch screen. We are pleased to introduce.