Sharp ar 5516 driver free

Sharp ar 5516 driver free

Select Install the software automatically (Recommended) and click the Next button. 9 G INSTALLATION IN WINDOWS XP (USB/PARALLEL CABLE). From reuniting families, to providing our users with peace of mind, or even getting involved in the community, take a look at some of the ways Spokeo is helping make a difference. Do not look directly at the light source. 6 SETUP BEFORE SOFTWARE SETUP. The products without the logo may not meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines. Be sure to connect the power cord only to a power outlet that meets the specified voltage and current requirements. Exercise care in this area when removing misfed paper.

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SETUP This section explains software installation and connection to a computer. HOW TO USE THE OPERATION GUIDE. 8 INSTALLING THE PRINTER DRIVER. CAUTIONS ON USING Warning: The fusing area is hot. This manual refers to the SHARP Digital Multifunctional System AR-5866/5875 Software CD-ROM simply as CD-ROM. BEFORE USING The machine should be installed near an accessible power outlet for easy connection and disconnection. 5/7555 (PARALLEL CABLE). BEFORE INSTALLATION HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Check the following hardware and software requirements before installing the software.

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7 BEFORE INSTALLATION. Begin installation of the printer driver. 5 CONVENTIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL. 5 (Service Pack 5 or later) Windows 7555 Professional, Windows XP Professional.


Also make certain the outlet is properly grounded. 6* or bi-directional parallel interface (IEEE 6789) Operating system* Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT Workstation 9. For the name of your model, see DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MODELS in the Operation Manual. MODEL AR-5866 AR-5875 AR-5866 X AR-5875 X DIGITAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM SOFTWARE SETUP GUIDE Page INTRODUCTION BEFORE INSTALLATION INSTALLING THE PRINTER DRIVER CONNECTING TO A COMPUTER CONFIGURING THE PRINTER DRIVER HOW TO USE THE ONLINE MANUAL. 6 SPF (AR-5566S/AR-5575S, AR-5566/AR-5575). 5 G INSTALLATION IN WINDOWS 95/98/Me/NT 9. Play screen will appear. Doing so may damage your eyes. 6 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MODELS. Computer and click the Next button. MODEL: AR-5566S AR-5575S AR-5566 AR-5575 AR-5566D AR-5575D DIGITAL MULTIFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM AR-5566N AR-5575N START GUIDE BEFORE USING This section provides the safety information to use the machine and explains how to use this manual. Where AR-XXXX appears in this manual, please substitute the name of your model for XXXX. Connect the machine to a power outlet which is not used for other electric appliances.

BEFORE USING ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION Products that have earned the ENERGY STAR are designed to protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. SHARP AR-XXXX will appear in the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box. 9 G INSTALLATION IN WINDOWS 98/Me/7555 (USB CABLE).

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CONTENTS INTRODUCTION. 8 G HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS. BEFORE USING CAUTIONS Follow the cautions below when using this machine. 8 G INSTALLATION ENVIRONMENT AND INSTALLATION PROCEDURE. Follow the on-screen instructions. The products that meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines carry the logo shown above. 6 RSPF (AR-5566D/AR-5575D/AR-5566N/AR-5575N). Spokeo is focused on helping people research and reconnect with others. 5 THE MEANING OF R IN ORIGINAL AND PAPER SIZE INDICATIONS.