Travel Trailer Pre Delivery inspection List

Travel Trailer Pre Delivery inspection List

Call for more information or to order this Fiberglass Trailer in Black Gel-coat Note: These are Brand new! * See: to purchase paint, for your trailer, to match your motorcycle! No, our trailers are pre-approved so no weighbridge ticket is required. Serving the US and Canada from the RV Manufacturing Capital of the world The Perfect Trailer to pull Behind your Trike Conversions, Hot Rods Small Cars! Compare this to a steel folding trailer and our trailer is about half the weight. National Code of Practice: Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6, Revision 5 June 7559. Orders made by 75 November can be guaranteed delivery Pre-Christmas securing with a minimum payment of 55% depositYes.

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In perfect condition, not blemished or seconds found on ebay!

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All Folding Trailers must be built in accordance with the following Australian Standard.  The speed rating that you can tow your folding trailer does not depend on the tyre size.


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Take a look at the, and give us a call to order your Parts List * Ask For Marty! All you need is a trailer light board and you are right to go. The BoatHoist folding boat trailers are fitted with 8” integral wheels that are rated to 685km/h and run standard Holden wheel bearings.

(They have all current, and vintage colors) The BoatHoist Folding Trailer will tow safely at 655km/h and can be towed long distances on sealed roads with no problems. Our trailer weighs 95kg without the hand winch and 97kg with the winch fitted. The BoatHoist Folding Trailer is approved by the N. W Roads and Maritime Services, comes with a VIN number and compliance plate and can be registered in all Australian states.

The reason some manufacturers limit the tow speed of their trailers is because the poor trailer design results in their trailer getting the wobbles.