Uvcview download

Uvcview download

The light still lights up when i connect it via USB cable but nothing appears on the computer. What is HASP and dongle   is the drive spinning without clicking noise? Is there a chance I could retrieve all my files? Is the USB port good with another drive? If no, check cable on both external drive and computer. Gosh I need all the data in there? It’s been a month that my external hard drive could not be detected in my laptop. If no, check if security enabled?

Duplicate Hardware copy of Hasp or Hasp4 or HaspHL or

Is my hard drive damaged? if yes, do you see the disk under device manager/windows and system profiler/mac? I also tried connecting it to different computers and cable and it is still not recognized… I also check it on disk management and it is still not visible.

WD External Hard drive not recognized in my computer WD

If no, reboot or unplug-replug. if yes, do you see the partition under disk Management/winows and Disk Utility/Mac? Hi there, were you able to find a solution?

Dont tell me its gone! I have a similar problem with my WD-665GB External Hard Drive.